Redwood House Langley Berks.

Redwood House, is a residential block on Cheviot Road in the Langley area of Slough in Berkshire. we are a small and on the whole friendly community of Senior persons from many varied backgrounds. These days we live in what is described as Social Housing, these are what used to be described as council flats but I guess the powers that be thought that that didn't sound right, so there you go. for the most we enjoy living here, the buildings themselves being of an age when they built with bricks so are sound and well insulated. and for the most part the buildings services function well that is the lighting in the communal areas the lift, heating and hot water.
This website has been put together as an information resource for present and possible future residents, as we look toward a brighter tomorrow The site is maintained and edited by Havers.Com and is fully funded by them please feel free to email us at
Common Room
Hair Salon
Tue. 16/11/2021

The Residents of Redwood House have benefited from quite a numbers of projects initiated by SBC.   

We are currently looking forward to the clearing of the hallways and contents of the old office and the establishing of a Mobility Storage room

for those with wheelchairs scooters and other mobility aids, that they cannot store in yheirvflats.

the clearup operation is scheduled to be done on 17th. November at which time yhey will hopefully put a new lock and door furniture

the room and provide keys to yhose people who have requested the use of the storage facility 

We do thank our current Housing officer for assisting in creating this facility for our tennants 

I will continue to update this blog that can be viewed by tenants SBC and any other interested

parties I.e. local Media servs and even Osbornes.   

Used for Birthday Parties, Group Meetings Residents Coffee morning, Every Tuesday Residents Lunch Club, Every Friday Occasional TV & Film evening & Relaxing
Used by the residents when they need more facilities than their studio flats can afford them and for social events so long as they clear up after themselves everybodies happy
The Very important laundrette saves space and serves as a meeting place at least once a week
Used to beautify some of the senior ladies without them having to leave the complex as we have visiting hair dressers